Dr. & Mrs. Osborne

About Dr. and Mrs. Osborne

My dad had a very modest upbringing. After graduating from Ironton High School and serving his country in World War II, he became the first member of his family to attend college. My grandfather was a skilled carpenter; however, he never went to college and never encouraged his children to get an education. But it was my dad, going against the advice of his father, who recognized the opportunities a college education could bring.

When I was growing up my father would often tell his three children to strive to be our best. He strongly believed that you could only reach your fullest potential with a college degree. This belief made an obvious impression on my sister, brother, and me—all three of us have achieved graduate and postgraduate degrees.

After graduating from medical school and establishing his practice in Ironton, my dad never stopped learning. He returned to school to obtain his degree in General Surgery. He also attended at least one educational program every year to improve his knowledge of medicine. One of my childhood memories was my dad reading medical journals deep into the night.

It is an honor and pleasure to provide this scholarship to a deserving Ironton High School student. It is my hope that much success comes your way.

Dave Osborne

President and Chairman of the Board

Dr. & Mrs. Barney Osborne Scholarship Fund, Inc.